Celebrating Unity and Innovation: ‘Hamwe’ Networking Night during AfricaCom 2023

In the heart of South Africa, TechAfrica News is set to celebrate the spirit of unity and collaboration with an extraordinary Networking Night during AfricaCom.

In the heart of South Africa, TechAfrica News is set to celebrate the spirit of unity and collaboration with an extraordinary Networking Night during AfricaCom. Aptly named “Hamwe,” which translates to “together” in Kinyarwanda, this event embodies the essence of collective strength and the power of partnerships, laying the foundation for a brighter future for Africa.

At its core, “Hamwe” Networking Night seeks to promote togetherness and partnerships as the catalyst for achieving digital and financial inclusion, connectivity, and bridging the digital divide on the African continent. TechAfrica News has steadfastly dedicated itself to creating a platform that ignites conversations and supports companies on the continent. With this industry event, we and our sponsors (ST Engineering iDirectLINXPROTEI, DEVEO and invictus 46664) aim to bring people together, fostering new and impactful partnerships within the amazing atmosphere of the Gin Bar.

Join us in building a more connected Africa one partnership at a time!

In the spirit of “Hamwe,” we invite you to be a part of this extraordinary Networking Night during AfricaCom. Together, we can shape a brighter future for Africa, where unity, collaboration, and partnership are the driving forces that bridge the digital divide, promote financial inclusion, and expand connectivity. 

But that’s not all – “Hamwe” offers more than just the promise of a brighter future. We’re creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere where you can enjoy special selections of Gins and bubbly wines, all set against the backdrop of amazing networking opportunities. It’s not just an event; it’s a celebration of the incredible potential that lies within Africa’s diverse landscapes and cultures.

Where: The Gin Bar
Address: 64a Wale Street, Cape Town (Get Directions)
When do we start: 7:00 PM

In the context of the digital transformation of Africa, partnerships are the dynamic engines that unite the innovation, expertise, and resources of governments, businesses, and communities. They serve as the vital conduits through which the continent can harness the full potential of digital technology, breaking down barriers and connecting the unconnected. Together, through strategic collaborations, Africa can realize its digital aspirations and chart a course towards a brighter, more inclusive, and digitally empowered future for all its people.

Akim Benamara, Founder of TechAfrica News 

Unity as the Driving Force

Africa is a continent rich in diversity and untapped potential. It’s a land of vibrant cultures, languages, and landscapes, but it also faces several challenges, particularly in the digital and financial sectors. To address these issues effectively, unity is not merely a desirable quality; it’s an imperative. Africa’s progress hinges on its ability to foster collaboration and create meaningful partnerships.

The “Hamwe” Networking Night is built upon the profound belief that unity is the key to Africa’s advancement. By combining their expertise, the stakeholders can collectively deliver the strongest technology offering to the African market. This approach not only benefits businesses but also empowers citizens with access to essential services, education, and economic opportunities. The success of Africa hinges on the collaborative efforts of its people, governments, and organizations. 

Africa has unique challenges in terms of telecom development: rural demographics, a lack of inherited non-digital infrastructure, and lower ARPUs, just to name a few. But we can’t understate the importance of overcoming those challenges: accelerating the deployment of flexible, innovative solutions to regional market barriers and speeding up the expansion of digital infrastructure will lead to sustainable technological advancement and economic growth that can benefit all industries and residents.

Roman Khalenkov, CCO of PortaOne

Connectivity and Bridging the Digital Divide

Connectivity, both physical and digital, is a prerequisite for Africa’s growth. It is essential to bridge the digital divide that currently exists between urban and rural areas, as well as between different countries on the continent. 

Partnerships hold the key to closing the digital divide in Africa. They are the bridges that span the chasm of inequality, connecting the underserved with the digital opportunities of tomorrow. Together, we can unite our strengths, resources, and knowledge to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital revolution, forging a future where connectivity is a right, not a privilege.

Chris Green, Chief Editor Africa of TechAfrica News

Telecommunications companies, satellite service providers, ISPs and tech innovators have a pivotal role to play in expanding connectivity. By sharing resources, knowledge, and infrastructure, Africa can develop a more comprehensive network that brings the benefits of the digital age to all its citizens, regardless of their geographical location.

A Brighter Future for Africa

The “Hamwe” Networking Night, set against the backdrop of AfricaCom, serves as a testament to the commitment of African leaders, organizations, and visionaries in building a better future. The event underlines the idea that Africa’s destiny is interwoven with unity, collaboration, and partnerships. As the continent continues to evolve in the digital age, it must do so together, as a collective force.

The potential for Africa’s transformation is immense. By working together, breaking down silos, and sharing knowledge and resources, Africa can overcome its challenges and foster innovation that propels the entire continent forward. “Hamwe” symbolizes the power of togetherness and partnerships as the foundation upon which Africa can build a future marked by digital and financial inclusion, widespread connectivity, and the narrowing of the digital divide.

Togetherness is the cornerstone of my personal digital vision for Africa: I see a future of collaboration, partnerships, and collective action among governments, private sector players, civil society, and international allies, including PortaOne and other technology companies like us. A united effort is how we will make sure that Africa’s digital landscape is innovative, inclusive, and transformative.

Roman Khalenkov, PortaOne

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