Intersec’s Location Intelligence Fuelling Telecom Growth in Africa

Intersec is partnering with African entities since 2004, pioneering tech solutions, and serving 1 billion worldwide for safety and efficiency.

Akim Benamara, the founder of TechAfrica News came into conversation with Souad Touil, Regional Sales Director Africa of Intersec. Souad gave us an insight into Intersec’s close collaboration with its African partners since its establishment in 2004.

For Intersec Africa represents more than just an expansion of our activities. Since our inception in 2004, we have forged strong partnerships and collaborated closely with the region. Our engagement spans across various initiatives, and it’s worth emphasising MNOs in Africa have been pioneers in introducing groundbreaking innovations and technologies.

Souad Touil, Regional Sales Director Africa

They serve over 1 billion people and connected devices worldwide, working with both MNOs and governments. In Africa, MNOs have pioneered innovative technologies like contextual marketing and repurposed cell broadcasts for location-based campaigns.

Intersec supports governments with geostatistics for urban planning and disaster management. With widespread phone accessibility in 2023, their tools play a crucial role in public safety.

Intersec implements early warning systems with international organizations and MNOs, aiding in natural disaster and emergency response. They provide real-time geolocation for emergency calls, benefiting rescuers.

We have been working with international organizations and MNOs in order to provide and implement early warning systems. Those solutions are very helpful in order to mitigate risks and to alert in case of natural attacks, natural disasters, terrorism attacks or emergency, I would say events in general.

Souad Touil, Regional Sales Director Africa

Additionally, Intersec assists MNOs in optimizing services and monetizing data through internal and external applications, such as understanding customer experiences and using geostatistics for revenue generation. Their contributions greatly impact public safety and business efficiency in Africa.

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