ST Engineering iDirect at IBC2023: Bridging the IoT Connectivity Gap with Satellite Technology

Addressing the Connectivity Challenges in Remote Regions: How Satellite IoT Offers a Solution, as Discussed by ST Engineering iDirect at IBC 2023.

At IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, Michael Minchin, Product Manager, Internet of Things for ST Engineering iDirect and the Founder of TechAfrica News discussed the IoT market in Africa and how ST Engineering iDirect is bridging the connectivity gap.

Satellite IoT or satellite connectivity is really the only solution to provide ubiquitous coverage over a large landmass. Africa is a continent with a variety of different regions. Some of those regions are served very well by cellular connectivity and terrestrial connectivity, and some of them are not. In order to provide ubiquitous coverage over the whole of Africa, then satellite really is the only solution for that.

Michael Minchin

Michael Minchen emphasized satellite IoT’s vital role in providing comprehensive African coverage, especially in remote regions. Minchen highlights its significance in transport, agriculture, wildlife protection, disaster prevention, and energy/mining sectors. As described by Michael, the IoT platform offers adaptability for various services. Their terminals, dynamic and fixed, ensure efficient satellite tracking.

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