Till Sudworth Discusses NPAW’s IBC Highlights and Latest Product Launches

Till Sudworth of NPAW discusses new products, data-driven decisions, and AI’s pivotal role in video.

At IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, TechAfrica News founder Akim Benamara spoke with Till Sudworth, CMO, member of the management board & Head of BU Video, NPAW, about the company’s latest products, and innovations.

Sudworth highlighted its new products that NPAW is showcasing at the show: a product analytics tool and publisher analytics. The product analytics tool provides data insights to business owners and the marketing department, including KPIs such as content usage, audience analytics, content consumption patterns, and user journey.

Sudworth also discussed the importance of data-driven decision-making in the video industry. He said that NPAW is seeing a growing demand for data from its customers, and that AI is playing a significant role in helping customers to understand and use data to improve their platforms and offerings.

“We have first offers and first solutions AI based and we are still constantly going to work on this. That for sure going to be a major component on the roadmap for the next years.”

Till Sudworth

Overall, Sudworth is optimistic about the future of the video industry. He believes that the demand for data and AI will continue to grow, and that NPAW is well-positioned to help its customers succeed in this evolving landscape.

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