e& Money Offers Free Transfers to Aid Morocco and Libya After Disasters

e& money offers fee-free international transfers to facilitate support for disaster-affected communities in Morocco and Libya.

e& money has announced the launch of a special initiative to support the people of Morocco and Libya in the wake of the recent natural disaster that affected both countries, with customers able to make international money transfers to Morocco and Libya at zero fees and best exchange rates.

In the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Morocco and floods in Libya, e& money stands in solidarity with the Moroccan and Libyan community and aims to facilitate support during these challenging times.

e& money understands the importance of facilitating financial support quickly and efficiently during times of crisis, and this free international money transfer service is designed to do just that. The initiative aligns with the broader support efforts undertaken by e& and its commitment to providing assistance to those affected  in Morocco and Libya.

e& money encourages its customers to take advantage of this free international money transfer service to contribute to relief efforts in Morocco and Libya and help alleviate the impact of the disaster on the affected communities.

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