stc Group Showcases Smart City Solutions at Cityscape Global Conference 2023

stc Group and subsidiaries forge partnerships for digital infrastructure, advancing smart city projects nationwide. Emphasis on sustainability and innovation.

stc Group, the enabler of digital transformation in the region, concluded its participation in the Cityscape Global Conference and Exhibition 2023, which was held at the Exhibition and Convention Center under the slogan “The Future of Smart Cities.” The group showcased its innovative digital solutions in smart city facilities management, real estate development, and city sustainability, which it provided through 3 subsidiaries: “Solutions by stc,” “iot squared,” and “Aqalat.” The participation witnessed the signing of a number of partnership agreements and memorandums of understanding by the group and its subsidiaries.

Where stc group signed two partnership agreements with Roshan Real Estate Development Company. The two agreements relate to the group equipping the digital infrastructure for Roshen projects in various parts of the Kingdom. The two agreements contribute to accelerating the transformation of these projects into modern digital societies.

Solutions by stc, the leading company in enabling digital transformation in the Kingdom, also signed a memorandum of understanding with “Aqalat” Company, the real estate investment arm of stc Group. The memorandum relates to providing advanced digital solutions for smart cities, complexes and real estate development. The partnership includes adherence to the legislation and standards used in developing smart cities, in addition to sharing best practices in the smart city sector and addressing regulatory challenges. This is as part of its participation and review of its latest solutions in smart cities, the most prominent of which are smart self-driving vehicles (smart vehicles), enabling smart cities with secure networks (NAAS by Nile Secure), water quality solutions (water quality), and smart poles with fifth generation technology (5G smart pole).

For its part, IoT Squared, a provider of Internet of Things solutions and technologies, signed two memorandums of understanding with both “Oqalat” and “Azoum”, which specializes in smart life and artificial intelligence of things. The two memorandums relate to cooperation in benefiting from Internet of Things solutions and developing and finding formulas to develop business prospects. While “Aqalat” Company signed two memorandums of understanding with Al Fanar Company and Al Mohandis Holding Group in the field of cooperation within the real estate development sector.

The participation by stc group and its subsidiaries represented an opportunity to highlight their capabilities in predicting the future of digital transformation and smart cities, in addition to redefining lifestyles through the introduction of innovative technologies and technical solutions. The solutions and products also focused on sustainability concepts and increasing reliance on clean energy with the aim of enabling sustainable growth.

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