Intersec’s Network Location Platform Powers 5G Operators Across Europe, Middle East, and North America

Intersec’s hybrid location platform offers precise, real-time location services, enabling diverse applications and future opportunities.

Intersec has announced the deployment of its network location platform for five landmark operators in the 5G Standalone network in Europe, the Middle East, and North America since the beginning of 2023.

Faced with limitations in their existing legacy platform, the telecom operators recognized the need for a comprehensive change to meet evolving network dynamics and regulatory compliance, guided by the high requirements and tight timelines set by Telecom Regulatory Authorities. Intersec’s offering emerged as the clear choice after rigorous analysis and evaluation:

  • Unlike competitors, Intersec delivered an end-to-end hybrid location platform seamlessly combining active location-based services and passive mass-scale location intelligence. Leveraging 30+ location techniques including RF Fingerprinting and assisted GNSS within the 5G network, the solution achieved pinpoint accuracy of below three meters — outperforming other providers in comparable tests, while prioritizing real-time updates with minimal latency.
  • The scalable nature of the platform unlocks a variety of public safety use cases, including public warnings, incident communications, and emergency response services, while providing the flexibility to adapt to future needs.

The Intersec solution surpasses the carriers’ expectations, providing exceptional accuracy and readiness to deploy innovative technologies.

The decision to select Intersec underscores the confidence placed in our local presence, dedicated team, and scalable technology. Our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and exceeding client expectations remains unwavering. This success paves the way for us to revolutionize the industry and unlock new growth opportunities.

Ingolf Ruh, Chief Revenue Officer, Intersec Group

This collaboration propels mobile operators to explore business opportunities beyond regulatory use cases. The high-precision location-based services open new avenues for logistics applications, asset tracking, or geo-statistics, positioning Intersec clients as industry leaders in their region.

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