Future-Proof Signalling Solutions Crucial for Mobile Network Operators in an Era of Disruption

Mobile operators urged to adopt flexible network solutions to adapt to evolving technologies and stay competitive.

Bradley Knight, Chief Operating Officer at Squire Technologies talks about urging mobile operators to adopt flexible network solutions to adapt to evolving technologies and stay competitive.

Uncertainties created by disruptive technologies mean it is now critical that mobile network operators (MNOs) and connectivity facilitators start building flexible and future-proof signalling solutions into core networks. Failure to do so could mean being caught out by new technologies that create rapid market disruption like many sectors have experienced with recent AI developments.

As MNOs adapt to the arrival of standalone 5G (SA5G), they must avoid products that are rigid and designed for obsolescence. Being able to quickly upgrade, add to, and augment core network features will be essential in competitive markets, and those who prepare will be able to take advantage.

Recently, Barritel Ltd recorded 3,849 days of uptime on one of their core network products from Squire Technologies, over ten and a half years without going down once.

The architecture is wonderfully open and flexible in its design – something that was far ahead of its time and has allowed us to integrate with and configure/program it in ways that we had never imagined possible 11 years ago.

Kingsley Tart, Senior Developer, Barritel Ltd

The myriad of SA5G applications, the huge cost and complexities of rolling it out, and the need to run multi-generation networks simultaneously present a long-term challenge for decision-makers. Business strategies are hindered further by unknowns involving SA5G, such as how to monetise it effectively and the viability of complementary technologies like the metaverse and self-driving vehicles.

Added to that is the GSMA: Mobile Economy Report’s prediction that investment in 5G over the next seven years will outweigh returns. However, in many ways, the backbone of the coming industrial revolution will be SA5G, and the pressure is on MNOs to deliver it. Telecommunications businesses will need to form strong partnerships with trustworthy suppliers that can provide solutions with flexibility and longevity if they wish to make the most of future opportunities.

Tony Craven, VP of Network Architecture at Kore Wireless, a leading 5G and IoT connectivity business, said about working with Squire Technologies,

Squire have been flexible as we’ve struggled to engage carriers at times to integrate.

Tony Craven, VP of Network Architecture, Kore Wireless

As 4G didn’t replace 2G and 3G, 5G won’t replace 4G and similarly, when 6G arrives, operators will have to continue to add that technology while maintaining their existing networks. Acting now and putting in long-lasting and flexible solutions like Squire Technologies’ Sigla platform may help telecommunications businesses avoid costly overhauls later, strengthen strategic positioning, and provide them with the versatility to take advantage of opportunities whenever they occur.

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