ITW Africa Partners with APO Group for Enhanced Telecoms Sector Impact

International Telecommunications Week Africa joins forces with APO Group for expanded influence and recognition.

The International Telecommunications Week Africa (ITW) has announced its strategic partnership with APO Group, the award-winning, leading pan-African communications consultancy and press release distribution service, aimed at sustainably growing the ITW Africa 2023 event and gaining increased recognition, exposure, and influence.

In an age where connectivity and communication are crucial, ITW Africa recognises the criticality of expanding its reach and impact across the telecoms sector in Africa. With a shared vision of fostering innovation and collaboration across the continent, ITW Africa and APO Group are excited to unite and bring a steadfast partnership that promises to deliver unparalleled benefits to the telecommunications industry.

Together, ITW Africa and APO are poised to illuminate the path towards greater connectivity, innovation, and growth within Africa’s digital infrastructure industry. This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to fostering excellence across the continent and creating a platform where industry pioneers can thrive. With APO Group’s expertise, we are confident that ITW Africa will not only reach new heights but also serve as a catalyst for transformative change within the sector.

Rosie Carr, Event Marketing Manager, ITW Africa

APO Group is delighted to partner with ITW Africa 2023. The monumental contribution of the telecommunications industry to the development of the continent is paramount. Our team is honoured to be part of creating and communicating the success stories across Africa, highlighting the importance of dialogue around digitalisation and connectivity infrastructure for the future.

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard, Chairman and Founder, APO Group

The favourable partnership promises a series of exciting initiatives, including enhanced media coverage, extended networking opportunities, and a broader global reach for ITW Africa. Participants attending the upcoming ITW Africa event can anticipate a richer, more dynamic experience, honing the groundbreaking innovations and collaborations that shape Africa’s telecoms landscape. ITW Africa is renowned for its ability to convene industry leaders and visionaries under one roof, providing an invaluable platform for networking, idea exchange, and forging transformative partnerships. Now, with the support and expertise of APO Group, this platform is set to expand and grow from strength to strength.

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