stc play Partners with Geekay Esports to Revolutionize Middle East Esports

stc play and Geekay Esports join forces to elevate the esports scene and offer enhanced gaming experiences.

stc play, a leading gaming platform in the Middle East, has announced a significant sponsorship agreement with Geekay Esports, a prominent esports organization based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). This strategic collaboration is poised to revolutionize the esports landscape in the region and provide gamers with unprecedented opportunities to enhance their pursuits.

stc play’s unwavering commitment and Geekay Esports share a common goal of enhancing the gaming experience and elevating the esports ecosystem in the Middle East. Their recent sponsorship marks a significant milestone in their journey to redefine the future of esports in the region.

stc play provides a comprehensive range of gaming products, tournaments, social connections, and interactions to offer an unparalleled user experience. The platform is the hub for all gamers. The sponsorship is a clear indication of stc play’s unwavering commitment to stimulating innovation and fostering the development of the gaming industry in the Middle East.

Geekay Esport’s reputation has accounted for a major force in fostering a dynamic community of competitive teams and enthusiasts across multiple game titles. Geekay Esport’s team with an impressive record of 19 titles, has joined forces with stc play to expand their reach and provide a wider array of enthralling experiences and prospects to their fans.

Thanks to the support of stc play, we could further enhance our initiatives in fostering the development of local talent, curating high-calibre events, and expanding the reach of esports to an even wider demographic. We aim to establish a dynamic ecosystem that adopts progress, inclusivity, and a sincere sense of solidarity.

Kishan Deepak Palija, CEO, Geekay Esports

The collaboration between stc play and Geekay Esports in the Middle East marks a significant milestone in the industry. With a shared goal of advancing a thriving esports culture in the region, both entities are committed to making this partnership a success. Their joint efforts are poised to drive innovation and set new standards in the esports landscape.

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