MTN South Africa’s Contributions Lead to Over 6,000 Jobs in 2021

MTN South Africa’s KPMG assessment reveals its role in creating over 6,000 jobs and promoting economic growth.

A “true value assessment” conducted by KPMG has revealed that MTN South Africa played a significant role in job creation in the country during 2021. The telecom giant created 6,234 direct jobs and 140,253 indirect jobs, showcasing its impact on the South African economy. The assessment, which quantifies material socio-economic and environmental impacts in financial terms, emphasized MTN’s efforts to address unemployment, poverty, and inequality.

The report underlined MTN’s investment in network infrastructure for digital inclusion and reduced environmental impact. MTN’s true value creation in 2021 was found to be 17 times the profit generated during the same period. This contribution was instrumental in inclusive economic growth, benefiting communities nationwide.

KPMG’s Frank Blackmar highlighted how MTN’s activities, including infrastructure investments and tax revenue, influenced the country’s GDP and overall economic growth. The report’s findings revealed approximately 146,487 jobs were created across the ICT value chain and other sectors due to MTN’s contributions.

Charles Molapisi, MTN SA CEO, stressed the company’s commitment to socio-economic development and its goal to enable growth within the society and ecosystems it operates in. The report also highlighted the social value created for newly-connected MTN customers, which included access to education, health-related activities, and entertainment. KPMG’s assessment showed that these factors contributed to measurable social value amounting to R230 million.

The report’s insights reflect MTN’s pivotal role in driving economic growth, fostering digital inclusion, and enhancing the well-being of communities across South Africa.

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