Jordan’s Ministry Urges Telecom Firms to Halt Tariff Changes for Prepaid Lines

Ministry directs telecom firms to halt prepaid tariff changes, warns against increasing mobile service prices.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Jordan has issued a directive to telecommunications companies, urging them to suspend any alterations to tariffs for prepaid lines. Additionally, the ministry has called for a cessation of operating charges on pay-as-you-go lines and refraining from modifying existing offers to increase charges.

In a statement, the ministry emphasized the need for telecom companies to reconsider new offers, ensuring that current customers retain the option to choose between their existing lines and newly-introduced packages. Failure to comply may result in legal action under the Competition Law, as reported by the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

A study conducted by the Competition Department indicated that the three telecom companies are moving towards raising mobile service prices for prepaid subscribers without providing the choice to keep their current lines or switch to new options. This study also revealed indications of a tacit agreement among these companies to pursue this approach, potentially violating the provisions of the Competition Law.

The Competition Law prohibits explicit or covert practices, coalitions, or agreements that distort or constrain competition, including matters concerning the establishment of prices for goods or services. The ministry’s intervention reflects its commitment to maintaining a competitive and consumer-friendly telecommunications landscape.

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