Array Networks Partners with Luna Technologies to Bring Advanced Security Solutions to Malawi

Array Networks teams up with Luna Technologies to introduce advanced security solutions in Malawi.

Array Networks, a global networking and security firm, is making its presence felt in Malawi through a strategic collaboration with Luna Technologies, a distinguished distributor of WAN and network solutions. This partnership paves the way for the introduction of Array Networks’ cutting-edge technologies, including the Web Application Firewall, AG Series SSL VPN, and DDoS protection, into the Malawian market.

Luna Technologies will extend an array of solutions to various sectors such as corporations, banks, and government organizations across its network in Malawi. Array’s offerings, including the APV Series Application Delivery Controller, Web Application Firewall, and AVX Series Network hyper integrated Infrastructure, are poised to empower entities with enhanced cybersecurity capabilities.

Jayesh V, Regional Sales Head for the Africa Region at Array Networks Inc., hailed the partnership as a milestone that synergizes the strengths of both organizations to cater to evolving cybersecurity requirements.

Warren Nkonjera, Managing Director of Luna Technologies, emphasized their commitment to addressing data protection challenges, underscoring that this collaboration enables customers to attain scalability, performance, and paramount security.

Nkonjera articulated the collective aspiration: “Our goal is to enhance security for financial sectors, government bodies, and customer data in a data-centric business landscape where data integrity is pivotal to enterprises’ success or downfall.”

As Array Networks and Luna Technologies join forces, Malawi is set to experience heightened cybersecurity capabilities, aligning with the modern imperative of safeguarding sensitive data and bolstering digital resilience across various sectors.

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