Ericsson’s Graduate Program Boosts Technical Skills in Nigerian Cohort for African Innovation

Ericsson, in its ongoing Graduate Program in Africa, has welcomed 8 new graduates in Nigeria. The program aims to enrich technical skills across various domains like Engineering, AI, and Strategy.

Ericsson has welcomed a new cohort of graduates in Nigeria as part of its ongoing Graduate Program in Africa. Experiencing different roles in Engineering, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Strategy and Commercial Management, a total of 8 new graduates have joined Ericsson in July 2023.

The program aims to grow the technical skills of the graduates, training them on the Ericsson technology, solutions and, delivery and providing them with an understanding of Ericsson’s processes, methods, and tools. In addition, Ericsson presents the graduates with an opportunity to experience working in a large global organization, in multi-country projects and, understanding the vision, mission, strategies, corporate culture and values of the company.

In line with Ericsson’s commitment to drive Africa’s digital transformation, the program has created an open ecosystem for research and implementation of innovative projects enabled by the latest technologies.

With country-specific programs and initiatives, Ericsson confirms its commitment towards technology innovation of the network infrastructures and its role as enabler of an ecosystem that can support Africa’s socio-economic growth.

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