Airtel Africa’s Ambitious Plan: Connecting Schools with 5G and Digital Learning

Airtel Africa plans to connect 3,000 schools with 5G and create smart classrooms for digital learning.

Airtel Africa has unveiled an ambitious initiative to link 3,000 secondary schools in the country with high-speed 5G data networks, aiming to amplify digital learning and enhance information access. Olusegun Ogunsanya, Managing Director and CEO of Airtel Africa plc, also revealed plans to establish smart classrooms in around a hundred schools nationwide.

Ogunsanya expressed alignment with President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s vision for quality education and acknowledged the government’s efforts in expanding educational infrastructure.

During the launch of the Airtel 2Africa submarine cable and 5G mobile network at Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam, Ogunsanya emphasized Airtel’s commitment to digital education. The company will provide free server access to the digitized curriculum of the Tanzania Institute of Adult Education (IAE), enabling secondary schools to seamlessly integrate digital learning.

The Airtel 2Africa submarine cable, interconnecting Europe, Africa, and the Middle East with 46 landing points across 36 countries, was also unveiled during the event. Ogunsanya praised Tanzania’s potential as a digital hub and commended the supportive regulatory framework provided by the government.

Airtel Africa’s strategic endeavors to bridge the digital divide in education and telecommunications underline the transformative potential of technology in Tanzania’s progress. With President Samia’s continued support, the nation is poised to become a digital investment hotspot, connecting globally while nurturing local opportunities.

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