Kaspersky Aids INTERPOL in Cyber Surge, Leading to 14 Arrests and $40M Losses Exposed

Kaspersky’s threat intelligence aids INTERPOL in Africa Cyber Surge II operation, resulting in 14 arrests and revealing $40M financial losses. The collaboration combats cybercrime and enhances regional security.

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company, reportedly provided crucial threat intelligence data to INTERPOL for its ongoing Africa Cyber Surge II operation, which led to the arrest of 14 cybercriminals and the identification of network infrastructure linked to over $40 million in financial losses. The operation is reportedly part of a multi-stakeholder initiative to combat cybercrime and safeguard communities in the region.

Africa Cyber Surge II, spanning 25 African countries and running for four months from April 2023, is carried out by INTERPOL’s Cybercrime Directorate in collaboration with private sector partners like Kaspersky. This operation follows the success of the first phase from July to November 2022.

Kaspersky and other private sector entities reportedly furnished INTERPOL with indicators of compromise, including malicious servers and scam domains. This facilitated cooperation among African law enforcement agencies to investigate cybercriminals involved in phishing, cyber extortion, online scams, and business email hacking.

Jürgen Stock, INTERPOL’s Secretary General, emphasized that the operation strengthens cybercrime departments in member countries and fosters partnerships with critical stakeholders, like Internet Service Providers and computer emergency response teams. Kaspersky’s Public Affairs Director, Yuliya Shlychkova, highlighted the importance of private-public partnerships for building a safer digital environment.

The collaboration between Kaspersky and INTERPOL, established in a five-year agreement in 2019, includes data exchange, training, and human resources support. This partnership aims to disrupt criminal networks and raise awareness about modern cyber threats.

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