Ivory Coast Promotes Responsible Social Media Use

Ivory Coast initiates program encouraging ethical and secure social media use through education and innovation.

In response to the burgeoning influence of social media and its potential implications on individuals and society, the government of Ivory Coast has initiated a comprehensive program aimed at fostering responsible and secure online engagement. Spearheaded by Communication and Digital Economy Minister Amadou Coulibaly, the ‘Responsabilité Numérique 225’ initiative seeks to reshape the landscape of social networking within the country.

At its core, the program endeavors to cultivate a culture of responsible and ethical social media use through multifaceted strategies including education, awareness campaigns, and the cultivation of innovative practices. By undertaking this endeavor, Ivory Coast aspires to emerge as a pioneering force in promoting digital awareness and education across the West African region.

Minister Coulibaly underscored the government’s commitment, stating, “We are committed to creating a digital environment of trust for all our citizens. The leadership role undertaken by Ivory Coast in this initiative propels us towards a safer and more enlightened digital future. Our objective is to encourage responsible social media engagement that benefits both our nation and the wider community.”

The program encompasses a diverse array of initiatives, encompassing workshops, seminars, and training sessions that span the nation. These endeavors are designed to enhance awareness, educate the populace, and foster skills development pertaining to the prudent utilization of social media and content creation. Additionally, community involvement is facilitated through the establishment of an online platform and knowledge-sharing events aimed at disseminating best practices.

To further invigorate positive social media practices, the program introduces a dedicated fund to incentivize start-ups and ventures contributing to responsible online conduct. Furthermore, the initiative will be underpinned by a continuous evaluation mechanism to ensure ongoing enhancements and refinements.

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