2Africa Cable Lands in Mozambique, Boosting Connectivity

Vodacom’s 2Africa cable lands in Mozambique, providing enhanced connectivity and boosting digital economy growth.

Dejan Kastelic, Group Chief Technology Officer at Vodacom, has announced the successful landing of the 2Africa submarine cable in Nacala-Porto, Mozambique. The cable, recognized as the world’s largest submarine system, brings a pivotal data center to the region, offering enhanced internet capacity and swift connectivity for Vodacom users. This advancement is set to bolster Mozambique’s burgeoning digital economy.

The installation of the undersea fiber optic cable marks a milestone in Vodacom’s mission to establish a direct international gateway, promising quicker and more dependable internet services across the nation. By contributing to improved digital inclusion, Vodacom is taking substantial strides in connecting Africa.

This achievement signifies Vodacom’s commitment to ensuring local businesses and consumers in Nacala-Porto benefit from accelerated and dependable internet connectivity. As part of the broader 2Africa initiative, Vodacom continues to play a crucial role in advancing Africa’s digital landscape.

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