Ethiopia to Award Third Telecom License, Enhancing Industry Competition and Foreign Investment

Ethiopian Communications Authority plans third license, opening telecom sector to foreign players, promoting competition and economic growth.

Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) reveals plans for third telecom license, part of economic reform to open sector to foreign operators. The first license, awarded to a Safaricom-led consortium, marked a significant shift in government control. Despite participating in the bidding process, MTN Group didn’t secure the second license due to financial differences with Safaricom’s bid.

ECA Director General Balcha Reba assures that necessary arrangements have been made, and Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is issued for the third telecom operator in Ethiopia. The closing date for interested companies to submit their RFQ is September 16, 2023. This move signifies Ethiopia’s commitment to boost competition and modernize its telecom industry, aligning with the broader economic reform agenda.

The new licensee will be a pivotal player in shaping Ethiopia’s telecom landscape, enhancing connectivity, and driving innovation. This development aligns with the Ethiopian Homegrown Economic Reform, a comprehensive strategy aimed at invigorating various sectors of the country’s economy. The awarding of the third telecom license is anticipated to foster increased competition and bring advanced telecom services to Ethiopian consumers, signaling progress in the nation’s economic transformation.

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