Vodacom Business Launches Microsoft Teams Operator Connect in South Africa

Vodacom Business partners with Microsoft to enhance communication services with streamlined Teams Operator Connect in South Africa.

Vodacom Business achieves Microsoft Teams Operator Connect certification, streamlining communication services for South African enterprises.

Vodacom Business, a leading telecommunications provider in South Africa, has attained the certification as a Microsoft Teams Operator Connect partner. This milestone allows the introduction of Vodacom Operator Connect, offering a more streamlined approach to provisioning, managing, supporting, and billing Microsoft Teams services. This innovation enables enterprises to select their preferred telecommunications provider to power Teams calling.

The new service offers a simplified process, allowing customers to choose their operator, provision numbers, and manage the environment seamlessly within the familiar Teams Admin portal. Moreover, Vodacom Operator Connect delivers cost savings on monthly fixed voice expenses while enhancing call quality through cloud-based telephony, catering to the needs of over 300 million monthly active Teams users.

Joel Chacko, Executive Head of Department: Microsoft Services at Vodacom Business, highlights the brand’s commitment to delivering world-class communication services in South Africa. Being among the few trusted operators partnering with Microsoft to offer this service demonstrates Vodacom’s dedication to quality.

Shaun Reuben, Global Partner Solutions Director at Microsoft South Africa, explains that Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams provides a modern calling experience, facilitating digital connections in today’s evolving business environment.

Vodacom Business aims to empower enterprises by providing innovative solutions that meet their specific needs. This collaboration with Microsoft underlines the brand’s commitment to building a more inclusive digital society, offering reliable connectivity tools and unlocking new opportunities for businesses.

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