Cloudmania Expands into Mauritius to Bolster Channel Partner Network

Liquid C2 subsidiary Cloudmania has extended its presence to Mauritius to strengthen the local channel partner ecosystem.

Liquid C2’s subsidiary, Cloudmania, has extended its footprint to Mauritius, aiming to bolster the local channel partner ecosystem. Within a year since its establishment in 2021, Cloudmania has witnessed remarkable growth, scaling from 100 to over 500 partners under its wing.

Vinay Hiralall, Cloudmania’s managing executive, highlights the exponential expansion and underscores the company’s broader presence, operating with partners spanning 22 countries across the continent.

Cloudmania’s core mission revolves around aiding partners’ growth by delivering technical enablement, operational streamlining, and an expansive solution portfolio. The platform acts as a central hub, offering partners a single point of access for streamlined management, encompassing tasks like invoicing and subscription management.

The company places emphasis on comprehensive support, offering partners access to marketing campaigns, technical advisory services, and sales enablement programs. By simplifying backend processes, Cloudmania empowers partners to concentrate on their core business expansion strategies and the augmentation of their customer base.

Through its strategic move into Mauritius, Cloudmania seeks to enhance the island nation’s channel partner network, fostering greater business development and technological integration within the region.

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