Alonda Tech Platform Transforms Service Accessibility in Malawi

Malawi’s consolidated service portal, Alonda, leverages GPS for swift response and emergency alerts.

In a transformative move, the Alonda tech platform is revolutionizing service accessibility in Malawi by consolidating essential services onto a unified portal. Branded “Guards” in local language, Alonda takes service access to a new level by offering GPS-based location sharing to first responders and crucial service providers at the tap of a button.

Upon activation, the system triggers alerts to pivotal services including ambulance dispatch, towing, waste management, transportation, sanitization, landscaping, and fire response, to name a few. Spearheaded by iMoSyS, a Malawian social enterprise with a track record in health initiatives, Alonda serves as a digital lifeline.

Desire Mwanza Peno, iMoSyS’s business development manager, likened Alonda to a dynamic business directory dedicated to enhancing service availability. The platform seamlessly connects users to nearby vital services using GPS coordinates, streamlining service requests.

The platform’s versatility extends from summoning necessities like ambulances and taxis to functioning as a digital marketplace, enabling small businesses such as plumbers, dish installers, and car hire services to broaden their reach and connect with a broader clientele through the app.

Crucially, Alonda’s functionality extends beyond daily life, allowing users to alert neighbors, loved ones, and emergency services during crises. Accessible via subscription, the app empowers users to interact with services via calls, chats, or alerts. Alonda is now available for download on both Google Play and the App Store, revolutionizing service accessibility in Malawi.

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