Paratus Mozambique Expands with New Beira Office to Boost Connectivity Solutions

Paratus opens second office in Beira, providing high-quality connectivity solutions for logistics and other sectors.

Paratus Mozambique has expanded its presence with a new office and point of presence (PoP) in Beira, marking its second office in the country after the Nampula branch opened last year. As part of the Paratus Group, the company offers ICT network solutions, fibre, and satellite connectivity in various African regions.

The Beira office, operational since last month, has already attracted new clients. Paratus sees this expansion as strategically important for both the company and the enterprises utilizing the Beira port and logistics corridor.

Rui Costa, the country manager of Paratus Mozambique, emphasizes the focus on providing connectivity solutions for major industries like logistics, oil, and gas sectors. The new PoP in Beira aims to offer customers reliable, high-quality, and secure connectivity, supported by multiple backbone connection options.

As Mozambique gains prominence as a crucial logistics hub in the SADC region, this expansion is considered a significant development for Paratus. Costa believes it will consolidate their network offerings and play a pivotal role in their growth strategy both in Mozambique and beyond. With its commitment to enhancing connectivity in the region, Paratus aims to meet the increasing demand for reliable communication solutions in various sectors.

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