Paratus Zambia Hosts Smart Zambia Institute

Smart Zambia Institute visits Paratus Zambia’s Lusaka data center, witnessing the delivery of reliable colocation services aligning with their mission for a SMART Zambia.

Paratus Zambia hosted the delegation from the Smart Zambia Institute at their cutting-edge data center in Lusaka. The visit provided an opportunity for the Smart Zambia Institute to experience Paratus’ commitment to efficiency, reliability, and security in delivering top-notch colocation services across the country.

The mission of the Smart Zambia Institute, focused on empowering citizens through accessible and affordable information communication technologies to achieve a SMART Zambia, resonates deeply with Paratus’ values. As a dedicated ally in this transformative journey, Paratus is fully aligned with the institute’s goal of providing efficient and transparent e-services to the people.

During the visit, the Smart Zambia Institute had a firsthand experience of Paratus’ state-of-the-art infrastructure and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. As a trusted partner, Paratus Zambia continues to stand firm in its commitment to supporting the institute’s mission and contributing to the realization of a digitally empowered Zambia.

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