Kenyan Fintech Boya Launches Virtual Visa Expense Card for Local Businesses

Boya partners with VISA and Diamond Trust Bank to streamline expense management with a virtual corporate card.

Kenyan fintech firm Boya has unveiled a virtual Visa expense card tailored for local businesses in partnership with VISA and Diamond Trust Bank (DTB). The virtual card aims to streamline payment and expense management through a single solution. Boya’s platform revolutionizes expense tracking and reporting for businesses of all sizes, integrating DTB’s Cards as a Service offering to provide virtual corporate cards supported by the Visa card scheme. These virtual corporate cards enable efficient tracking, management, and reconciliation of company expenses, promoting financial transparency and operational efficiency.

During the launch, Boya’s CEO, Mr. Alphas Sinja, emphasized the platform’s goal to empower businesses with a comprehensive tool, simplifying expense tracking, enhancing financial control, and driving operational efficiency. The cloud-based Boya expense management solution offers key features such as expense tracking, approvals, reporting, integration, automation, and mobile accessibility.

Nasim Devji, DTB’s Group CEO and Managing Director, expressed that their partnership with Boya would provide customers access to personalized, secure, and user-friendly financial solutions. DTB aims to serve as a bridge between banking and technology to foster innovative fintech products and services.

Boya’s platform offers businesses a user-friendly interface and advanced features to efficiently manage expenses, improve financial visibility, and achieve significant cost savings. With this digital solution, Kenyan businesses can expect enhanced financial control and streamlined expense management.

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