Ghana Launches DAB Trial in Accra and Kumasi, Promising Enhanced Radio Broadcasting Experience

Ghana initiates DAB trial in major cities, introducing enhanced digital radio broadcasting for listeners’ immersive experience.

The Communications Authority (NCA) has initiated its Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) trial in Accra and Kumasi, marking a significant step in radio broadcasting technology. During this trial, FM stations participating in the test will broadcast their content simultaneously in both cities, offering listeners an enriched and interactive experience.

DAB introduces a new era in radio broadcasting, utilizing digital signals to deliver superior sound quality, a wider array of station choices, and interactive features. By surpassing the limitations of traditional analogue FM radio, DAB promises to revolutionize the way people listen to radio.

Ghana is adopting the latest version of DAB, known as DAB+, positioning itself as a pioneer in West Africa and the fourth country on the African continent to embrace this advanced broadcasting technology. The trial is set to commence in August 2023, showcasing Ghana’s commitment to staying at the forefront of digital broadcasting innovation.

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