Camtel and Sudachad Forge Strategic Alliance to Enter Chadian Enterprise Market

Camtel and Sudachad partner for Chadian enterprise market entry, focusing on strategic network development.

Cameroon Telecoms (Camtel) and Sudachad Telecom are forging a strategic alliance to tap into the Chadian enterprise market, as announced during a three-day working visit in Yaounde. Camtel’s focus on the enterprise segment in the subregion involves establishing a mutually beneficial partnership model with Sudachad.

The discussions also revolved around the West to East Africa Network Access (WE-Africa-NA) project, a 3,500-kilometer terrestrial optical fiber line connecting Port-Sudan to the Red Sea. Camtel, Sudachad Telecom, and Sudatel are collaborating on this initiative. While there were previous technological hurdles, successful connectivity tests between Kribi and Port Sudan were achieved after resolving the obstacles last year.

Camtel is committed to addressing power shortages and network degradation to enhance the quality of services available to Sudachad. The company pledges to rectify unlawful connectivity in Chad and boost Sudachad’s internet service from 25Gbits to 40Gbits within three months.

Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi, Camtel’s general manager, stated the company’s dedication to improving service quality for its clients. The partnership between Camtel and Sudachad extends to additional areas with shared goals and mutual benefits on the horizon.

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