BTC Expands 4G LTE Coverage to Boost Connectivity in Botswana’s Rural Areas

BTC expands 4G LTE in rural Botswana, promoting connectivity and boosting network performance for improved services.

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) has undertaken a significant network expansion project, upgrading coverage from 2G to 4G LTE in 45 settlements located in the Okavango and Northwest regions. This move is part of BTC’s ongoing efforts to enhance network performance and promote increased usage of mobile data services.

Anthony Masunga, the Managing Director of BTC, emphasized that the network renovation and expansion initiative will have a transformative impact on various sectors, including education, communities, and healthcare institutions. By providing broader coverage and faster data speeds, BTC aims to enable creative and cost-effective services that can benefit the lives of citizens across these regions.

Pontsho Pusotsile, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Communication, Knowledge, and Technology, expressed agreement with Masunga, highlighting that robust communications infrastructure and connectivity are essential for achieving the country’s vision of prosperity outlined in Vision 2036.

Huawei Technologies Botswana also echoed the significance of stable connectivity, particularly in rural areas. David Zhang, the Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Botswana, emphasized that access to communication and technology is now a necessity rather than a luxury. He stressed the importance of not leaving remote and rural areas behind in the country’s development, as access to essential services and opportunities should be available to all citizens.

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