Smile Communications Launches SuperFast Internet in Kano State

Telecom provider Smile Communications introduces SuperFast Internet services in Kano State, igniting a data revolution.

Smile Communications, a leading telecoms provider, has launched its SuperFast Internet services in Kano State, aiming to fuel an internet and data revolution in the region.

Building upon the success of its Voice services earlier this year, Smile is now poised to transform the internet and data services sector with its diverse range of products and offerings. The introduction of Smile in Kano comes at a time when the demand for reliable and high-speed internet services is soaring, promising an exceptional experience for the citizens of Kano State.

With its debut in Kano, Smile Communications is introducing a variety of cutting-edge products tailored to meet the diverse needs of the population. From SMiFis to Routers and Dongles, Smile offers a versatile selection of devices to cater to various connectivity preferences. Additionally, Smile provides a free physical SIM card, compatible with 4G LTE-enabled smartphones, allowing users to enjoy unlimited smartphone data for just N5000 monthly, providing AlwaysOn non-stop access to the digital world.

Abdul Hafeez, Smile’s Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing reliable and uninterrupted internet connectivity, enabling seamless browsing, work, and online activities without constraints. This reliability is complemented by affordable pricing, making Smile’s services accessible to a wide range of individuals, including students, businessmen, artisans, housewives, and young upwardly mobile youths.

To ensure easy access and convenient service, Smile Communications has established multiple customer centers across Kano. These centers serve as one-stop destinations for citizens to explore, inquire about, and acquire Smile’s products and services, fostering a stronger digital ecosystem in the state.

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