Cameroon Orders Mobile Operators to Adjust Prices Amid Service Quality Protests

Cameroon demands mobile operators adjust prices within two months after service quality protests.

Following public protests over the quality of telecom services in Cameroon earlier this year, mobile operators have been directed to adjust off-net and on-net prices within two months. The minister of posts and telecommunications, Minette Libom, issued the order, instructing Camtel, MTN, and Orange to modify prices for postpaid, prepaid, and promotional subscriptions.

In response to customer complaints about poor service quality, the Cameroonian government convened a crisis meeting with all three operators in April. During the meeting, the operators pledged to improve their services and outlined their plans for enhancement. They were also given a two-week deadline to compensate subscribers for any lost data caused by network outages.

In addition to the operator commitments, the Telecommunications Regulatory Board, present at the meeting, promised to conduct regular examinations of the networks to ensure compliance with their service improvement promises. The government and operators had previously pledged to introduce a pricing comparison tool to empower users to find cost-effective offers and combat exorbitant rates.

Minister Libom emphasized the need for transparency in pricing, requiring licensed operators to display off-net and on-net tariffs for each service offered. Non-compliance with the current legislation could result in sanctions for the operators. The regulator has been given a one-year mandate to monitor the implementation of the pricing adjustments.

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