Huawei Takes DigiTruck to New Heights with 5G Upgrade

Huawei’s DigiTruck now equipped with 5G, empowering Kenyan youth with faster digital skills training, reaching at least 1,200 youngsters in the upcoming year.

Huawei, the renowned technology giant, has made a significant stride in enhancing its DigiTruck initiative by upgrading its internet connectivity to 5G. The move aims to amplify internet speeds and expand the reach of digital skills training to youth in Kenya, with the target of reaching at least 1,200 youngsters in the upcoming year.

During the official launch of the Huawei CPE Pro 2 on DigiTruck, Ian Korir, the firm’s CSR Coordinator, emphasized the upgrade’s importance, highlighting the DigiTruck’s newfound ability to deliver a cutting-edge 5G experience to learners on the program. The CPE Pro 2, powered by 5G, empowers high-speed internet access, enabling online learning opportunities for children all over the country. It supports multiple 5G frequency bands, ensuring comprehensive coverage and capacity.

Korir expressed their ambitious vision to extend the program’s reach to all 47 counties in Kenya, leaving no one behind in the quest to deliver vital digital skills to the population. With 5G connectivity, children can benefit from enhanced learning experiences, particularly in areas like experiments, coding, and programming. The augmented capabilities of the DigiTruck will pave the way for the Kenyan youth to engage in online business ventures, aligning with the government’s digital masterplan.

Through strategic partnerships with Safaricom Women in Technology, Kenya National Innovation Agency, National Youth Council, and ICT Authority, Huawei is leveraging collaborations in various locations across the country, including school visits and regional technology hubs like Swahili Pot in Mombasa. The initiative seeks to foster hands-on learning experiences that encourage STEM uptake in schools, inspiring children through the “see-and-believe” model.

For over three and a half years, Huawei’s DigiTruck has played a pivotal role in providing ICT skills training to over 3,000 youth across 25 counties in Kenya. The recent upgrade to 5G connectivity comes as Safaricom’s 5G network rapidly expands throughout the nation, promising faster speeds and better opportunities for the program’s beneficiaries. In areas where 5G is not yet available, the CPE will connect to Safaricom’s extensive 4G network, covering approximately 97% of the population. This technological advancement is set to revolutionize digital learning and empower the youth with the skills needed for a promising future in the digital era.

In this rapidly evolving digital era, having proficient digital skills has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The DigiTruck serves as a transformative platform that empowers young individuals by bridging the digital divide and creating awareness of digital skills across the whole country but specifically targeting the underserved population. This awareness helps them to know what is available in the job market as career options, opportunities of learning that can spark an interest in furthering their education and for the business enthusiasts to discover various platforms that can enable their business growth and expansion. Moreover, the DigiTruck fosters a spirit of innovation and creativity, encouraging young minds to explore their potential and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors in the digital realm.

Ian Korir, CSR Activities Coordinator, Huawei Technologies Kenya

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