e& Universe Launches as Region’s First Metaverse, Redefining Digital Experiences

e& Universe debuts as region’s first metaverse, offering limitless virtual experiences with unique avatars and exclusive zones.

e& has announced the launch of ‘e& universe’, the first metaverse in the region that is set to captivate audiences with phenomenal experiences, taking visitors on a virtual journey exploring with unique avatars and exclusive zones, bringing a new reality to connecting and interacting in the metaverse.

This extraordinary platform, which aims to give users an exceptional digital experience, made its debut at GITEX last year. This was conceptualised and launched in line with the UAE’s Metaverse strategy to position itself as a pioneer in shaping the future of emerging technologies on a global scale.

e& universe will host the first Unpacked event in the metaverse for the new Samsung Galaxy series on 26th July at 15:00, where users will be able to pre-order their favourite Galaxy devices in the metaverse and take advantage of the exciting pre-order offers Samsung is rolling out for the new devices, bringing users one step closer to global technology updates and becoming the virtual hub for entertainment and live events.

Users can interact, socialise and explore the limitless possibilities of the metaverse thanks to the various zones inside the e& universe, which open up a world of opportunities.

We are thrilled to bring our revolutionary metaverse, a virtual realm that transcends imagination and brings together various zones of boundless possibilities. This groundbreaking launch will reshape the way we interact, explore and create, offering all our users a truly immersive experience. We want to welcome all our customers to a future of interconnected realities and are pushing the boundaries of digital innovation empowering them to create unforgettable experiences in an ever-evolving metaverse.

Khaled Elkhouly, Chief Consumer Officer, etisalat by e&

Hosted virtually in Arcadia Planitia, a place on Mars considered to be the most suitable for future life, e& universe is a strategic and ambitious tribute to the UAE’s national space strategy and the success of the Hope Probe mission, the first mission led by an Arab country.

Developed in partnership with HTC, e& universe serves as the central hub, seamlessly connecting users and providing them with easy navigation throughout the metaverse.

e& universe, powered by HTC’s VIVERSE technology, is revolutionising immersive social experiences, taking them to unprecedented heights. These remarkable new features we’ve developed for e& underscore its unwavering commitment to pioneering innovative ways for people to relish content and forge meaningful connections with one another.

Joseph Lin, GM, VIVERSE

e& universe invites users into a vibrant and dynamic digital realm, offering a multitude of exciting areas to explore and enjoy including e& universe Virtual Home, e& universe Shop and e& universe Arena & Stadium

Within the e& universe Virtual Home, users have the opportunity to create and personalise their personal virtual space. It enables users to express their individuality and showcase their distinct identity by decorating their virtual homes with NFTs or digital assets. By adorning it with bespoke decorations that reflect who they are, inviting friends to join them, and engaging in voice and text chats, users can relish shared experiences and nurture social connections in an immersive setting.

Users can dive into a captivating atmosphere akin to real-world events at the e& universe Arena & Stadium, with the Arena being the vibrant hub of entertainment while the Stadium is the hub for sporting events. With artist or team/player decorations setting the stage, the lobby creates a festive ambiance. Guests can connect with one another in the VIP box, engaging in voice and text chats while enthusiastically cheering for their favourite stars. The excitement can be instantly captured and shared with friends and family, creating lasting memories of the virtual event.

With virtual concerts and live performances, the Arena Zone provides users with an exhilarating and captivating experience that is ideal for enjoying with friends and family. It allows users to indulge in the dynamic music and entertainment world within a stunning setting.

Meanwhile, the Stadium Zone provides sports enthusiasts with an interactive and immersive experience. Users can enjoy their favourite sports matches with loved ones, capturing the thrill and energy of the game in a virtual environment.

The e& universe opens up exciting possibilities for businesses to host a diverse range of events. From industry conferences that bring together professionals from various sectors to real estate exhibitions featuring the latest development, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase innovative offerings. The e& universe offers a dynamic platform for businesses to engage with their audience and create immersive experiences that transcend physical boundaries.

The e& universe shop offers a variety of eye-catching images and exquisite paintings to unique art pieces and home décor that can be converted into NFTs. It is a treasure trove of digital assets and collectibles, allowing users to enhance their virtual experiences within the

Additionally, users can purchase event passes for exclusive concerts and other special events. The NFTs can be used to customise virtual homes and provide access to paid events, adding an exclusive touch to the metaverse experience.

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