Airtel Rwanda Launches 4G LTE Internet Services at 3G Prices

Airtel Rwanda introduces 4G LTE at 3G prices, offering faster internet speeds and enhanced digital experience.

Airtel Rwanda has launched its highly anticipated 4G LTE internet services for individuals, homes, and businesses, following its acquisition of a 4G license. Emmanuel Hamez, the Managing Director of Airtel Rwanda, revealed that the 4G network went live on July 21, offering World Class 4G tariff plans at the same price as current 3G plans, ensuring a smooth transition for customers.

By providing 4G speeds at 3G prices, Airtel Rwanda aims to boost access to high-quality broadband and increase the adoption of 4G devices without burdening customers with higher costs. This move aligns with the national broadband policy, emphasizing service quality, last-mile coverage, affordability, and innovation.

Customers can look forward to benefits such as streaming high-definition content, real-time gaming, and improved video call experiences. Airtel Rwanda is committed to delivering an ultra-fast, reliable network to enhance connectivity for homes and businesses and drive digital inclusivity across Rwanda.

Emmanuel Hamez expressed gratitude to stakeholders, including RURA and the Ministry of ICT and Innovation, for their support, enabling Airtel Rwanda to offer 4G LTE services to customers. The company remains dedicated to innovation and network expansion, contributing to Rwanda’s development and bridging the digital divide.

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