Vodacom’s VodaPay Super-App Hits 6.7 Million Downloads, Introduces Banking-Like Features

Vodacom’s VodaPay Super-App Hits 6.7 Million Downloads, Offering Free Cash Deposits and ‘Send Money’ Services.

In a recent announcement, Vodacom revealed that its super-app, VodaPay, has achieved a significant milestone with 6.7 million downloads in the quarter ending on June 30, 2023. The app has also introduced new features, including ‘send money’ and cash-out services, in addition to enabling free deposits. Presently, VodaPay boasts a user base of 3.3 million registered users.

Designed as a comprehensive digital platform for shopping, lifestyle, and financial services, VodaPay caters to both consumers and businesses. The recent enhancements allow customers to deposit and withdraw funds from their VodaPay digital wallets conveniently and securely. The services are available at Vodacom stores, various retailers, and ATMs across the country, facilitating seamless fund transfers to family and friends.

VodaPay’s new Deposit and Send Money services support our intention to accelerate digital and financial inclusion. Both banked and unbanked users can deposit and/or send money from their VodaPay Wallet, securely, cost-effectively and instantly. By building broader, more convenient offerings onto VodaPay, such as deposit and cash-out networks, we aim to enable more people to use and benefit from digital financial services.

Mariam Cassim, Chief Executive Officer, Vodacom Financial and Digital Lifestyle Services

The latest feature addition has transformed VodaPay into a more comprehensive banking-like platform. The app now includes two new services: Deposit and Send Money. With the Deposit Money function, users can add cash for free into their VodaPay Wallets through Vodacom stores and selected national retailers like Pick n Pay, Boxer, PEP, and more. Even Spaza shops through Kazang merchants support wallet deposits. These deposited funds empower users to make online purchases with VodaPay, earn rewards, and take advantage of daily deals, offering a holistic financial experience.

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