Airtel Africa and CSG Complete Successful Digital Transformation Partnership

Airtel Africa’s digital transformation with CSG’s solution improves operations and enhances customer experiences in wireless.

Airtel Africa, in collaboration with CSG, has successfully undertaken a digital transformation initiative across its operations in Africa. By implementing CSG’s unified revenue management solution, Airtel aims to streamline processes, reduce costs, and expedite time to market, all while delivering exceptional customer experiences to foster loyalty and sustainable business growth within the wireless industry.

The adoption of CSG’s unified revenue management solution empowers wireless operators like Airtel to modernize and standardize their operations, providing them with enhanced flexibility in their go-to-market strategies. Leveraging valuable customer insights, the solution enables operators to promptly respond to evolving customer needs by introducing new digital services that enhance real-time customer experiences.

CSG’s flexible and reliable solutions coupled with its commitment to our success have consistently enabled us to overcome any challenges and improve our customer experience. Ultimately, through our partnership with CSG, Airtel Africa has gained a significant competitive advantage in the market and is better equipped for future growth.

Razvan Ungureanu, Chief Technology Officer, Airtel Africa

With the migration to CSG’s future-forward platform, Airtel Africa gains the capability to offer seamless and personalized deals to both individual consumers and businesses. This shift allows them to optimize performance and effectively manage and reconcile revenue. These newfound capabilities play a pivotal role in strengthening customer loyalty among their vast customer base of 138.5 million and reducing churn through transparent, self-service billing options.

By embracing CSG’s revenue management solution, Airtel Africa embraces a path of progress, ensuring the provision of top-notch services and catering to the ever-changing demands of the wireless market. The transformation not only bolsters Airtel’s position in the industry but also sets the stage for continued growth and success across the African continent.

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