Malawi Invites Huawei to Establish Assembly Base, Bolstering Digital Transformation

Malawi’s President invites Huawei to assemble products, strengthening digital transformation and fostering economic growth.

Malawi’s President invites Huawei to establish assembly base, bolstering digital transformation and economic growth.

During his visit to Huawei’s headquarters in China, Malawi’s President, Lazarus Chakwera, extended an invitation to the tech giant to set up a base in the country for assembling its products. President Chakwera believes that Malawi has the potential to become a regional hub for certain components of Huawei’s products, aligning with the country’s industrialization aspirations. He cited Huawei’s past support for Malawi’s National Fibre Backbone Project and National Data Centre construction as evidence of the company’s commitment to the country’s digital infrastructure development.

To strengthen digital transformation in Malawi, the government and Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding, focusing on collaboration with the ministries of Energy and Information and Digitalisation. The deal reflects trends in digitalization, decarbonization, digital inclusion, and sustainable development. Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola emphasized the partnership’s importance in leveraging Huawei’s expertise and resources to fulfill Malawi’s potential in a sustainable manner.

Minister of Information and Digitalisation Moses Kunkuyu reiterated Malawi’s commitment to rapidly advancing its digital economy and recognized Huawei as a reliable partner in this endeavor. The collaboration signifies Malawi’s determination to accelerate its progress in the digital era.

By establishing an assembly base in Malawi, Huawei is set to contribute to the country’s economic growth while creating job opportunities and fostering technological innovation. The partnership aims to strengthen connectivity, enhance digital inclusion, and propel Malawi towards achieving its digitalization goals.

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