Vodacom Tanzania Unveils New Facility in Dodoma, Expands Network and 5G Coverage

Vodacom Tanzania opens new facility in Dodoma, expanding network services and introducing 5G coverage.

Vodacom Tanzania Plc has unveiled its new cutting-edge facility in Dodoma, the legislative capital city of Tanzania. As the first Mobile Network Operator to establish an official presence in Dodoma, Vodacom aims to cater to the needs of local and international customers and visitors engaged in personal and government-related activities.

The launch event witnessed the presence of Hon. Nape Nnauye, the Minister of Information, Technology, and Information Technology, who commended Vodacom for its investment in expanding network services, enhancing service quality, and pioneering innovative digital solutions like M-mama, which have positively impacted Tanzanian lives and contributed to the sector’s growth.

Vodacom’s commitment to establishing a connected digital society is further exemplified by the availability of 5G network services in Dodoma. This move aligns with Vodacom’s mission of connecting people, communities, and devices to the internet like never before. Stephen Chege, Vodacom Group Chief for External and Regulatory Affairs, emphasized the company’s dedication to building a connected future for Tanzanians.

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