Ooredoo and Nokia Achieve Key Milestones in 5G Partnership for Enhanced Services

Ooredoo and Nokia achieve key milestones in 5G partnership, enabling enhanced services and VoNR-capable devices.

Qatar’s leading ICT provider, Ooredoo, has achieved significant milestones in its 5G partnership with Nokia. The successful demonstration of the first data call in 5G Standalone (SA) mode and the enabling of Voice over New Radio (VoNR)-capable devices mark important advancements in Ooredoo’s 5G network capabilities.

The 5G SA mode will empower Ooredoo to launch innovative applications with high speeds and low latency, providing real-time management for remote use cases. The introduction of new services will be faster, reducing time to market and opening up revenue streams. Additionally, 5G SA will facilitate private secured virtual networks for enterprise customers, ensuring differentiated services through network slicing.

By enabling VoNR devices, Ooredoo customers can experience supreme voice and video call quality over a dedicated 5G Standalone network. This advancement, made possible by Nokia’s solution, offers faster call setup, simultaneous data services, and enhanced network reliability compared to Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology.

The successful trial of 5G SA data calling sets the stage for commercializing 5G SA services on the Ooredoo network. This will allow Ooredoo to partner with enterprises and developers to deliver innovative use cases, particularly in domains such as Industry 4.0 with massive Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.

The 5G SA is essential to deliver several 5G use cases like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Industry 4.0, among others. The successful data call in 5G SA reiterates the strength of our 5G solutions that enable service providers to ensure the best-in-class experience for its customers. Also, our 5G SA core solution provides Ooredoo with a robust and reliable platform to deliver high-quality voice and video calling services over its 5G network. We are delighted to support our longstanding partner Ooredoo Qatar to provide this inimitable service experience with 5G SA.

Samar Mittal, Head of Cloud and Network Services (CNS), MEA market, Nokia

We are delighted with both the successful completion of the first data call in 5G SA mode in Qatar – a trial crucial to progress towards full launch of 5G SA services – and with the enabling of VoNR devices. As a global tech giant, Nokia is at the forefront of the global 5G ecosystem and we’re confident that its expertise and industry-leading solutions will enable us to provide a world-class 5G SA experience to our customers.

Thani Al Malki, Chief Business Officer, Ooredoo Qatar

Moreover, the integration of open APIs in the core network enables collaboration between Communication Service Providers (CSPs), customers, and partners to co-create new services. Nokia’s 5G Standalone Core architecture ensures flexible and scalable delivery of voice, video, and messaging services over IP networks, elevating the calling experience beyond current VoLTE technology.

With the successful trial completed, Ooredoo is set to launch 5G SA services commercially, offering users access to innovative use cases and superior call quality with VoNR-capable 5G devices.

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