Zain and Baims Partner to Transform Education in Kuwait Through Digitalization and E-Learning

Zain and Baims join forces to revolutionize education in Kuwait, empowering students with digital tools and resources.

Zain, a leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, has announced a strategic partnership with Baims, a prominent e-learning platform. The collaboration aims to drive digitalization in the local education sector, enhance digital skills and literacy among youth, and provide students with relevant academic content and competencies needed in today’s market. The partnership was formalized at the Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) in Shuwaikh, with the presence of key executives from Zain and Baims.

Baims is a digital e-learning platform based in Kuwait, offering virtual courses to high school and university students across five countries in the MENA region. As a success story of Zain’s Great Idea tech startup accelerator program, this partnership exemplifies Zain’s belief in the potential of local startups to thrive and contribute to the national economy. The collaboration will leverage Zain’s expertise as a digital enabler and technology leader, combined with Baims’ virtual courses and extensive education services, to enhance the digital academic tools available to students in Kuwait.

Moreover, the partnership will introduce exclusive offers and discounts on Baims’ virtual courses and services for Zain customers, specifically tailored to cater to the youth. Zain will also provide exclusive academic content on Baims, covering topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Baims operates in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, and Turkey, and offers a comprehensive online learning experience through video lectures, notes, live sessions, and quizzes accessible on web and mobile devices.

With over 30 million views, 150,000+ active monthly users, and an extensive library of recorded video courses, Baims has emerged as one of the top 50 e-learning companies in the MENA region. The platform features 500 content creators and tutors, and it played an active role in the LEAP conference, the world’s largest tech event held in Riyadh, where it connected with innovators, investors, and tech enthusiasts. This global exposure provided valuable insights and opportunities for Baims and other participants of Zain’s Great Idea program to expand their networks and prepare for regional expansion.

Recognizing the close proximity, cultural similarities, demographics, and target audience between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Zain strategically chose LEAP as a platform to support Kuwaiti startups in their regional growth plans. The conference served as a hub for workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities, enabling participants to learn from shared experiences and foster partnerships. Zain’s commitment to supporting local startups and promoting digital education underscores its dedication to driving innovation and progress in the MENA region.

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