President Ruto Launches e-Citizen Platform for Enhanced Government Service Access in Kenya

Kenyan President Willian Ruto unveils e-Citizen platform, enabling access to over 5,000 government services online.

President William Ruto recently unveiled the groundbreaking e-Citizen platform, opening up online access to over 5,000 government services for Kenyan citizens. The launch event, held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi, marked a significant milestone in improving service delivery and combating inefficiency, corruption, wastage, and discrimination.

With the introduction of the e-Citizen platform, President Ruto emphasized its inclusive nature, ensuring that previously marginalized communities will no longer be left out from accessing essential government services. The platform will offer multiple channels for access, including the convenient USSD code *2222# and the innovative Gava Express service, available at a vast network of M-Pesa, KCB, Equity, and Cooperative Bank shops. This will enable individuals without smartphones to benefit from the platform’s offerings.

President Ruto urged Kenyans to take advantage of the digital training opportunities provided by the ICT Authority, targeting an impressive 20 million people. Additionally, he announced the government’s commitment to digitize all remaining government services, including digital identities, within a short span of 90 days.

The launch of the e-Citizen platform aligns with Kenya’s broader vision to bolster the growth of the ICT sector, enhancing productivity and bolstering competitiveness. The country has implemented robust measures, including the national ICT policy, the Kenya Start-Up Act, Data Protection Act, the Digital Economy blueprint, and the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act, to foster a conducive environment for digital development.

Kenya’s ambitious plans also extend to the Konza Technopolis project, a cutting-edge technology hub situated south of Nairobi. Serving as a cornerstone of Kenya Vision 2030, the project aims to drive the nation’s development plan by creating a thriving ecosystem for innovation and technological advancement.

Supporting Kenya’s digital transformation, the World Bank has approved $390 million in funding for the Kenya Digital Economy Acceleration project. This initiative will not only expand access to high-speed internet but also improve the quality of education and government services while cultivating the necessary skills for the regional digital economy. The project also aims to mobilize an estimated $100 million in private capital for the development of broadband infrastructure.

The introduction of the e-Citizen platform marks a significant leap towards a digitally empowered future, enabling Kenyans to conveniently access government services online. This transformative shift promises enhanced efficiency, transparency, and inclusivity in the delivery of public services, fueling Kenya’s progress in the digital age.

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