FNB and MTN Join Forces to Enhance Telecommunications and Internet Services

FNB and MTN collaborate to provide improved telecommunications and internet services, delivering greater value to customers.

FNB (First National Bank) and MTN have recently announced a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing telecommunications and internet services for their customers. FNB Connect, known for its innovative offerings through FNB’s digital platform, will now leverage MTN’s network quality to provide an improved experience for users.

We are pleased to join forces with MTN to deliver even greater value to all our customers. This collaboration is consistent with our efforts to leverage reliable network infrastructure in the market to accelerate our delivery of cost-effective data and voice plans and other ICT services. Telecommunications and ICT services are central to the integrated value propositions we offer our customers across financial and lifestyle services. Our ability to help customers manage both their finances and telco needs through our trusted single digital platform is unique and consistent with our aim to provide helpful, easily accessible, and innovative solutions.

Jacques Celliers, CEO, FNB

Celliers also outlined plans to introduce more tailored and affordable services for individual and business customers, including Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity. FNB is committed to offering fiber, 5G, and LTE services to ensure faster internet speeds and reliable connectivity for both residential and commercial users.

The partnership is part of our broader efforts to support MVNOs and other institutions that recognize the value of connectivity and internet services for their customers. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both FNB and MTN, which have been instrumental in innovation in the South African market, and is a further endorsement for MTN as the network of networks. By combining our strengths, we are poised to create a truly exceptional network experience for FNB Connect users while also enabling access to a broader range of ICT services, beyond just connectivity, for FNB customers. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have on the South African telecommunications and financial services landscape.

Charles Molapisi, CEO, MTN South Africa

The FNB-MTN collaboration showcases the mutual benefit of leveraging resources and expertise to deliver enhanced telecommunications and internet services to customers, promoting innovation and connectivity in the South African market.

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