CSquared and Zscaler Partner to Empower African Businesses with Secure Connectivity

CSquared and Zscaler collaborate to provide seamless connectivity and robust security solutions for African businesses.

CSquared, a leading connectivity provider in Africa, has partnered with Zscaler, a global leader in secure cloud solutions. This collaboration aims to empower African businesses with seamless connectivity and robust security.

By leveraging Zscaler’s renowned Zero Trust Exchange, businesses can undergo a secure digital transformation across their entire ecosystem. The Zero Trust Exchange ensures constant authentication and authorization, reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber threats.

Through this partnership, CSquared can offer its customers access to Zscaler’s advanced security solutions, enabling businesses in Africa to leverage the cloud while ensuring data protection. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to driving innovation and advancing Africa’s digital landscape.

By combining CSquared’s network infrastructure with Zscaler’s security solutions, businesses can benefit from comprehensive connectivity and security. This partnership marks an important milestone in Africa’s digital ecosystem, enabling businesses to thrive with unwavering security as they embrace digital transformation.

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