Meta Platforms and MTN South Africa Partner to Provide Zero-Rated Facebook Access

Meta Platforms and MTN South Africa join forces to offer zero-rated access to Facebook for mobile users.

Meta Platforms and MTN South Africa have reached an agreement that will grant MTN subscribers zero-rated access to Facebook, the popular social media platform.

The initiative is specifically targeted at “data-sensitive customers” and allows them to access up to 15MB of Facebook per day without consuming their data allocation. However, there is a limitation: only text and images will be displayed, and video content will not be accessible. Interestingly, users will not require a positive data balance to access Facebook, further enhancing the accessibility of the platform.

Back in 2017, MTN and Meta collaborated to introduce Facebook AutoFlex, enabling customers to enjoy a text-only version of Facebook. Now, with the new text-and-photo mode, users can have a more engaging experience, including viewing photos, updating their status, and sending messages without incurring data charges.

Additionally, the partnership between Meta and MTN has fostered the development of a comprehensive range of services within the Facebook ecosystem. These services encompass bundle purchases, data advances (XtraTime), customer registrations, and various payment options such as card, airtime, and mobile money. The objective is to ensure a seamless customer experience while browsing and utilizing these services on the platform.

The effectiveness of this offering in attracting social media users, particularly young individuals, remains to be seen. Only time will reveal the impact and response generated by this zero-rated Facebook access for MTN subscribers.

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