Angola Telecom’s Privatization Plan Cancelled as Government Focuses on Restructuring

Minister Manuel Homem confirms that Angola Telecom will not be privatized, emphasizing the need for strategic restructuring to overcome financial challenges and improve services.

According to an interview published in Jornal de Angola, Minister of Information and Social Communication Technologies, Manuel Homem, confirmed that Angola Telecom will not be privatized as originally planned. He acknowledged the financial challenges faced by the company and attributed them to various factors, including poor management and misguided investments. The belief that public institutions did not need to pay for services consumed, as they were perceived as belonging to the state, also contributed to the company’s decline. However, Minister Homem emphasized that Angola Telecom possesses the potential to meet service expectations.

He clarified that Angola Telecom is not part of the Privatization Program and should be treated as a strategic resource due to its significant role in the country’s communication infrastructure. While the company should not solely rely on state support, efforts are underway to address its difficulties. A Strategic Restructuring Plan has been approved, aiming to enhance the company’s dynamics and reduce costs. Unnecessary services and harmful practices are being gradually eliminated, and strategic partnerships are being sought to leverage Angola Telecom’s infrastructure and improve service quality for customers.

Minister Homem stressed the importance of finding ways for the company to operate more efficiently, with agility, and with a focus on customer satisfaction. The objective is for Angola Telecom to overcome its challenges and thrive in the telecommunications sector.

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