Feturelect Launches an East Africa Public Leadership Program

Futurelect has launched a specialist East Africa Public Leadership Program which is geared to empower the regions future leaders.

Civil leadership development training organisation Futurelect has launched a specialist East Africa Public Leadership Program geared at empowering the region’s future leaders.

The intensive nine-month programme features seven in-residence seminars, where participants – candidates who are interested in or who have already started their journey towards political leadership and public service – are able to engage in a comprehensive curriculum that explores topics such as ethical leadership, decision-making, policy development, public service delivery, stakeholder engagement and effective communication.

Natasha Kimani, East Africa Regional Advisor, Futurelect

The program will be facilitated via a mix of interactive workshops, expert-led seminars, practical case studies and collaborative projects which will see participants benefitting from mentoring and networking opportunities with seasoned public leaders from various sectors.

The East Africa Public Leadership Program will be held in Kenya and Tanzania with participation subject to a series of eligibility requirements, including that participants must:

  • Be proven leaders in their chosen profession, educational institution or in their community and society;
  • Reside within the East African region;
  • Be aged between 20-45, although exceptional candidates outside of this age range will also be considered; and 
  • Be someone who is exploring if and/or how to run for elected political leadership or work in public service.

This programme aims to help participants gain a deeper understanding of their public purpose and personal narrative; understand the complexities and practicalities of life in the public eye and how to navigate these; learn practical skills in the art of influence, persuasion and negotiation required for running election campaigns; become equipped with the tools to enhance awareness and improve decision-making in the delivery of mandates; learn about the importance of managing a successful transition into public office and gain skills needed to be resilient amidst the challenges that may come with a public leadership journey. The program will be led by a combination of skilled moderators and experienced private sector, civil society, government, and political leaders from across East Africa and SADC region and party-political spectrum, who participate in the programme as guest speakers and guest lecturers.

Participants will engage in transformational learning to define their personal values and internal motivations for wanting to lead in public service. They engage in transactional learning to master the key skills necessary for public leaders at all levels to negotiate, persuade and influence the many stakeholders with whom they must interact. Finally, the fellows will engage in political and government systems learning, designed to empower them with a deep understanding of the institutional, policy and political context within which they will operate.

Maseke Rioba, East Africa Programme Officer, Futurelect

After successfully graduating from the program, participants become part of the Futurelect alumni, for the next five years with continued engagement in the Futurelect Alumni Community. This will afford the participants access to additional support and further training opportunities as they and other alumni of the Futurelect programmes navigate their transition into public sector leadership roles.

“Our mission at Futurelect is to deliver non-partisan leadership development and training programs to diverse groups of ethical and innovative young leaders in Africa, in order to prepare them for leadership roles in politics and the public service,” says Kimani. “We believe that the political future of East Africa relies on strong leaders who are engaged, inspired and driven by a commitment to make a genuine difference in the lives of the people who elect them – and we want to equip those leaders with all the skills they need to lead the region into the future it deserves,” she says.

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