Jumia Releases a Report on E-Commerce in Rural Ivory Coast

Jumia Africa has released a new report, “Expanding E-Commerce in Rural Areas in Ivory Coast” wherein they highlight the penetration of their services in these regions.

Jumia, Africa’s leading e-commerce platform, released a new report, “Expanding E-Commerce in Rural Areas in Ivory Coast,” highlighting its successful penetration into underserved regions and success in bringing e-commerce opportunities to rural populations.

The report draws on Jumia’s 2022 non-financial data and provides insights into its expansion strategies to rural communities in Ivory Coast.

Physically present across all the country though more than 181 Pick-Up Stations (PUS) across 107 towns, including remote areas, Jumia has succeeded in its strategy of providing a shopping solution and meeting the needs of rural consumers. Its collaboration with local logistics partners ensures streamlined supply chain operations, which enables the company to cater to the diverse demands of these underserved markets.

The report further highlights the pivotal role that JForce, a network of 40,000 independent sales consultants, plays in educating consumers about Jumia’s offerings and driving awareness through local and offline marketing channels. JForce efforts introduce rural populations to e-commerce, thus fostering growth and brand adoption.

Expanding e-commerce to secondary cities and rural areas in Ivory Coast is a testament to our commitment to driving economic growth and improving lives. We are proud to bridge the digital divide and empower communities with access to a wide range of products and services through our online platform,said Francis Dufay, CEO of Jumia.

Rural consumers in Ivory Coast benefit from Jumia’s extensive selection of affordable products available on its online marketplace. 90% of them reported saving money on their purchases and 71% plan to re-order on Jumia.

Jumia has also created thousands of opportunities for the young population in Ivory Coast to be their own boss and become young entrepreneurs by promoting e-commerce and earning commissions through sales on the platform.

By expanding e-commerce in rural Ivory Coast, Jumia strengthens its mission of leveraging technology to improve everyday lives in Africa. As Jumia celebrates its 11th Anniversary, the report highlights the company’s dedication to driving sustainable growth, empowering communities, job creation and closing inequality gaps across the continent.

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