Bayobab and Microsoft Come Together to Advance Microsoft’s Cloud Initiatives

In an effort to aid Microsoft’s cloud initiatives, Bayobab has come into a strategic pan-African connectivity partnership with Microsoft.

Bayobab, formerly known as MTN GlobalConnect has announced a strategic pan-African connectivity partnership with Microsoft. This partnership will see Bayobab provide access to large-scale infrastructure services to build capacity to further Microsoft’s cloud initiatives, accelerating digital transformation across organisations and broader communities.

This partnership comes at a critical point in Africa’s digital growth trajectory with aninternet-based economy on the rise. Sub-Saharan Africa will be home to more than 1 billion people, with 50% under the age of 25 years, forecasts World Bank. A continent with the youngest population and a growing appetite for digital connectivity to access entertainment, financial and commercial needs provide enormous potential. Through our strategic partnership, we can tap into this potential, enabling socio-economic development to support digital economies and marketplaces, connecting consumers and businesses in multiple ways.

Inspired by Africa’s potential, this partnership will support businesses to easily connect to the Microsoft Cloud, accelerating their digital transformation journey. Bayobab’s services enable improved performance for business and public sector organisations, increase productivity and drive business growth in Africa.Offering the most significant backbone network in Africa, Bayobab is well positioned as a partner of scale with a single doorway powered by a state-of-the-art network ecosystem. It seamlessly integrates with over 107,000 km of fibre infrastructure, providing access to 291 million African subscribers through the MTN network.

As we progress on our journey to provide next-gen digital solutions across Africa, we are delighted to enter into a strategic partnership with Microsoft.  Our strategic partnership will see Bayobab utilising its significant pan-African proprietary fibre network to enable Microsoft’s digital transformation initiatives. Africa’s connectivity relies on strategic partnerships coming together to foster innovation, expand the African digital economy, and grow with impact in the countries where we operate.

Frédéric Schepens, CEO, Bayobab

The alliance between our businesses builds on a strong, long-standing relationship of nearly 10 years.  Through our strategic partnership, we are excited to enable future growth for Africa powered by digital skills, connectivity, and innovation.

Lillian Barnard, CEO, Microsoft South Africa

Driven by an understanding that small businesses form the bedrock of African economies, this partnership symbolises our commitment to supporting enterprises and public sector organisations across the continent. Through our large-scale infrastructure services and two distinct businesses, fibre, and mobility, Bayobab will enable Microsoft’s digital ecosystem to provide next-gen solutions to accelerate digital transformation and enable a connected African continent.

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