ICT Industry Giants Convene at the Leaders’ Summit 2023

2023 SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit has seen the cross-industry stakeholders, technology-firms, digital-ecosystem leaders come together.

The 2023 SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit, led by CEO of the SAMENA Telecommunications Council and Broadband Commissioner Mr. Bocar Ba, and co-hosted by Director General of TDRA and Broadband Commissioner, H.E Engineer Majed Sultan Al Mesmar, has commenced on 15 May under the theme “Sustainable Connectivity and Emerging Ecosystems in Digital Economy” at Atlantis – The Palm, Dubai, UAE.

The summit will bring together global and regional leaders from the private and government sectors to discuss various topics such as sustainable and green ICTs, secure cyberspace, emerging digital ecosystems, and digital competence.

The Leaders’ Summit 2023 encompasses dialogue, debate, and discourse-based engagement among cross-industry stakeholders, globally-renowned technology firms, emerging digital ecosystem leaders, policy-making bodies, advocacy institutions, change-drivers, and digital economy enablers and decision-makers on industries issues, real-life problems and challenges, seeking implementable solutions and supporting the fulfillment of objectives of the Member States, the ITU, the UN Broadband Commission, and the Private Sector, at large.

For over a decade, the Leaders’ Summit has positioned issues, the Industry’s needs, private-sector players, and leaders in influential and productive ways achievable. The 2023 edition of the Leaders’ Summit aims to contribute to the global advocacy momentum on addressing digital transformation challenges, including those related to partnerships, collaboration, security, sustainability, and investment. Moreover, Leaders’ Summit 2023 serves as a progress-measuring tool with respect to work being done regionwide on the 17 SDGs, building secure ICT infrastructure across emerging markets, revisiting multilateral international approaches and stakeholder inclusion, trust-building, creating an enabling environment, and facilitating the ICT sector players by advocating for the right incentives and resources to deliver on a complex set of expectations.

The Summit will provide an opportunity for cross-industry stakeholders to address challenges faced in the industry and seek collaborative solutions for addressing them. The event will be focused on topics such as cybersecurity, 5G digital technologies, and the SA-ME-NA digital services landscape.

Broadband Commission Co-Vice Chair, and ITU Secretary-General, Ms. Doreen Bogdan-Martin delivered opening remarks to the Summit, and several Broadband Commissioners will also be in attendance. Participation in the Leaders’ Summit is by-invitation-only. Industry stakeholders, including ICT and non-ICT segments, may contact SAMENA Council to learn more and request participation.

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