Wi-flix Expands its Services to Zambia with MTN

Wi-flix has expanded its presence to Zambia following the launch of its packages with the telecom giant, MTN.

Wi-flix, the fastest-growing streaming platform in Africa, has expanded its presence to Zambia following the launch of its packages with mobile telecommunications giant MTN. With success already seen in Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria, the streaming service is now available to consumers in the southern African country, providing over 30,000 hours of the best entertainment to Zambian audiences.

MTN Zambia subscribers now have access to thousands of hours of unlimited premium content with the launch of Wi-flix in the Zambian market. Users can take advantage of daily, weekly, and monthly data packages starting as low as K1 + free 50MB for a daily package, K5 + free 150MB for a weekly package, and K20 + free 300MB bonus – making the service accessible to all customer segments.

Louis Manu, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer of Wi-flix, speaking to the launch of the streaming service in the South-Central African country said the move forms part of the company’s audacious ambition to become the leading content provider for the African continent and the diaspora.

We witness another exciting milestone as we launch in Zambia and bring to the public the most exciting premium content on demand and at the most affordable rate which is exactly what many Zambians are looking for. This comes at a time when we recently announced the integration of Dolby Atmos and updated our catalog with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio-enabled titles such as The Signal, Bilal, Freedom Force, and Created Equal for our customers to feel the spatial sound experience that Dolby offers. Customers can now enjoy the best African and foreign movie titles, TV shows, sports, and a variety of the very best of entertainment anytime, anywhere and on whatever device.

Additionally, we are even more excited with the partnership agreement with telecoms giant, MTN Zambia. This provides us the opportunity to leverage on their recently deployed 5G high-speed internet connectivity to ensure the experience of subscribers is more seamless and exciting.

Louis Manu, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Wi-flix

I am delighted to see the successful partnership between Wi-flix and MTN Zambia, providing our customers access to a variety of premium content. We are taking a step towards achieving our Ambition 2025 of leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress, harnessing the power of our leading brand, its footprint, connectivity infrastructure and technology platforms. With Dolby Atmos and updated catalogs, coupled with our 5G high-speed internet connectivity, customers now have access to an unbeatable entertainment experience.

Richard Acheampong, Chief Consumer Officer, MTN Zambia

Our presence in Zambia is instrumental in our mission to democratize content and ensure affordable premium entertainment is accessible to everyone on the continent and those in the diaspora. This also presents an opportunity for film producers, directors and aggregators in Zambia and elsewhere with quality content to monetize their works on our streaming platform.

We are excited to expand our footprint which has seen tremendous growth in such a short amount of time with the addition of more content to our catalog for our audiences and meet the growing demand for premium content, establishing Wi-flix as the home of the best of entertainment anywhere, at any time and on any device”.

Bright Yeboah, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer, Wi-flix

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