Cellcom and Parallel Wireless to Demonstrate Autonomous 5G SA Core Sites in Israel

Cellecom and Parallel Wireless are going to be launching the first-of-a-kind pilot with will demonstrate the deployment of autonomous 5G SA core sites in Israel.

Cellcom and Parallel Wireless announced the launch of their first-of-a-kind pilot which will demonstrate the deployment of autonomous 5G SA core sites in Israel. This launch follows January’s direct announcements of Cellcom’s plans to establish a cloud-based 5G SA network.

Cellcom, the leading cellular provider in Israel and Parallel Wireless have chosen to partner in conducting experiments that will test the innovative Open RAN 5G technology. When successful, it will provide an open network architecture, giving the company more flexibility in cellular network deployments while also providing smoother upgrades in the future.

The pilot will be based on the 5G SA technology, with an end-to-end Open RAN solution that will include demonstrations of RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) capabilities – a smart management layer used for control and advanced performance optimization.

Parallel Wireless is proud to partner with Cellcom and showcase how our innovative 5G stand-alone agile Open RAN software can disrupt the wireless network landscape not only in Israel but worldwide. Our pioneering solution is expected to deliver improved agility, flexibility, resilience, and performance. The pilot, scheduled to conclude by the end of 2023, will incorporate advanced applications to improve network performance and efficiency, with the intention of bringing 5G SA to the benefit of the users.

Baruch Navon, President and COO, Parallel Wireless

5G SA technology is the next evolution of cellular connectivity, introducing new opportunities for the cellular market. Currently, 5th generation networks are based on 4th generation cores, while the development in question is, in fact, the establishment of an independent network core for the 5th generation. The 5G SA solution could assist in integrating and embedding IoT solutions in transportation, medical, agriculture, and other industries, alongside creating communication solutions tailored to the needs of any organization.

Cellcom continues to invest significant resources and efforts to lead the 5th generation revolution, whether by establishing suitable infrastructure, widespread deployment of sites throughout the country, exploring advanced technologies in the communications field in general and cellular in particular, and adapting them to market needs. We will continue to work to bring innovative and leading solutions for the benefit of our customers.”

Daniel Sapir, CEO, Cellcom

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